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Products and Services
Acetek Composites Inc. offers innovative composites repair and component manufacturing services to the aviation and aerospace industry.

Company facilities, located conveniently close to the International Airport in Winnipeg, Canada, comprise approximately 20,000 square feet of factory and office space. Winnipeg, being a well developed transportation hub for air, road and rail services, enables Acetek to connect easily with customers across North America and internationally.  

Dedicated and skilled engineers and technicians, together with support staff and managers managing production and business processes via a state-of-the-art ERP system have enabled Acetek to build a stellar reputation for always providing a superior value proposition to customers. As a result of the team successfully striving to continually meet or exceed all customer expectations, several major North American airlines and MRO organizations, including Air Canada, Jet Blue, Air Canada Technical Services, as well as numerous smaller airline/aircraft operators, have entrusted Acetek to repair a variety of composite structures; radomes, elevators, fairings, Airbus A319/A320/A321 cargo compartment panels, etc.  

In-house process equipment and capabilities support hot and cold bond repairs in addition to advanced composite structures fabrication. Attention to quality is paramount at Acetek; a clean-room environment for composite part lay-up, temperature (250F) and vacuum controlled/monitored oven curing, a controlled environment for part sanding to contain and extract dust, and 3-axis CNC core milling. CAD-CAE-CAM technologies are utilized to the fullest extent in order to optimize and control product configurations and production processes.

Acetek also:

  • Offers mobile repair services to meet customers off-site, on-aircraft repair needs.
  • Designs and builds composite lay-up mandrels and tooling.
  • Provides, with its parent Acsion Industries Inc, specialized Electron Beam (E-beam or EB) technology solutions applicable to composite structures curing and repair processes for metal-to-metal, composite-to-metal and composite-to-composite component configurations. E-beam curing provides a number of process flow, process cost, material physical property and quality advantages over traditional thermal curing. Acsion engineers and scientists are recognized internationally for their work in the field of high-energy particle research and development. 
  • Supplies an extensive range of sophisticated, highly specialized materials testing services courtesy of Acsion’s state-of-the-art test laboratories and their skilled laboratory engineers/technicians.