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Acetek Composites Inc. is a Canadian-based company specializing in the repair and manufacturing of composite aircraft parts. Our vision is to become the North American leader in the aerospace industry for the repair and manufacture of composite aircraft parts.

Our mission is to supply repair and product solutions to our Aerospace customers that are innovative, cost effective, quickly deployable and of the highest quality.  We accomplish this by developing close relationships with our customers, establishing strategic partnerships enabling turnkey solutions, utilizing customized tooling for superior customer service, and developing new technologies and capabilities.  We strive to create a workforce which is second to none by investing in and developing our people.

As aircraft materials advance, the techniques to cost-effectively repair aircraft parts must also advance.  Acetek's innovative team of engineers and technicians ensure that you have access to the best technologies  in order that your composite parts can be repaired on time at a competitive price.  Acetek is setting the benchmark in the aerospace industry for value-added repair and manufacturing services.  About Company Image

What Differentiates Acetek from the Pack?
The answer is simple – we are more than just “service providers”; we are our customer’s partner in business.  Our goal is to make our customers successful.  Customer Service means our customer’s problems are our problems. We provide the resources necessary to organize, manage and solve our customer’s challenges efficiently and economically.

The key to any successful organization really comes down to one thing – PEOPLE!  We invest in our people to develop technology and capabilities resulting in innovative solutions for our customers.  Our Electron Beam technology which is used to speed and improve the curing process for composite repairs and part manufacturing is a key example of this.  Refer to our Capabilities page for more information on this break-through technology.

Acetek leverages significant advancements in information technology.  We utilize a customized, state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) System to ensure timely and accurate cost accounting, material and inventory control, production scheduling and resource planning.  Our ERP system allows us to manage, as well as reduce, our costs and to achieve turn times which meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.  By populating ERP and engineering information on our customer portal, we are able to provide our customers with product and repair information, as well as real time production scheduling and logistics management online. 

At times, there may be something we require to meet our customer’s needs that we do not have “in-house”.  Therefore, we believe in developing strategic partnerships to ensure our products and service capabilities are complete and best meet those needs.  We team up with “best-in-class” partners to create turnkey solutions for our customers.

We hope you enjoy our web site, and we look forward to serving you soon!